9 Reason We Need To Fly To Rome

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9 Reason We Need to Fly to Rome – Some of you may decided Rome as the best place to visit. But for you who still wondering, why should we pick Rome as our trip destination, here 5 things to convince you that Rome is recommended to visit!

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  1. There’s no place which have fountain like Rome!

Every place, every city in Rome offer a beautiful fountains! Trevi Fountain, one of the most fountains in the world placed in Rome.

  1. Food

Like you who can not find a New York Pizza anywhere except in New York itself, you also can not find Romania Pizza in the other country. And if you don’t know, Spaghetti alla Carbonara was invented in Rome.

  1. Michelangela
From: www.romewise.com

Beautiful artworks. Here, in Rome, you can find his work easily like his painting in the Sistin Chapel, in Venetican City.

  1. Easy to Go to Other Sites, Cities, and Beaches

If you choose Rome as your start point, your staying, it is easier for you to visit Florence, Pompeii, Ostia Antica, Tivol, and beaches most within one and half hours in Rome.

  1. History, Art, Architecture and Roman Ruins
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We are all know that Rome is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  You can find many historical monuments, there. You can also find the amazing ruins like Colosseum, or Nero’s Domus Aurea.

  1. The Size is Perfect

For you who really like to walk around, Rome is perfect for you. Rome has a small size which give you opportunities to see many things in a day, but its pretty big also because you can find a park, a cafe, a piazza, or museum where there’s no body.

  1. Rome’s Climate is Perfect
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Because of it’s mild climate, it give you an opportunity to come there anytime. Even if in the summer, you can go somewhere to sight see and stay cool.

  1. The Views
From: www.romewise.com

This is the most important thing you need to know that, Rome has the amazing view. Rome can be found on Seven Hills.

  1. Fashion and Shopping

This is what girls always looking for, to find some luxuries Italian brands!

So, still wonder why should we visit Rome?

Source: http://www.romewise.com/reasons-to-visit-rome.html

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